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A Note on the Future of modelDBA

It has been nearly two years since the latest version of modelDBA was released. I’d like to make it official: modelDBA is on an indefinite hiatus (probably forever). The latest version of modelDBA can still be downloaded and installed, and I plan to keep this site up for the foreseeable future. However, no updates or […]

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SQL Scripts – Release Notes – 2021.5.0

Last month I set out to make what felt like a fairly straightforward change. I wanted to switch “Execute All Queries” from running each query in parallel, to running the queries serially as one SQL script. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite end up being the simple change I expected. After a lot of testing (and maybe […]

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Linux Support – Release Notes – 2021.2.0

The February 2021 release includes support for Linux! This has been one of the most popular requests and I’m happy to finally have a solution for Linux users! More details below. Thanks to everyone for your feedback and feature requests! Download the latest version of modelDBA here. This release includes the following upgrades. Major Linux […]

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Copy SQL Results. Release Notes – 2021.1.0

The January 2021 release adds the ability to copy results from your SQL queries. Rather than just adding basic copy or export to file functionality, I’ve made copying various results as simple as using a spreadsheet. See below for more details. I’ve also finally addressed performance issues for large databases. It only required rewriting the […]

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Release Notes – 2020.10.2

Sometimes, you can’t connect directly to your database. Maybe for security your database is running on a server that doesn’t listen directly to external requests. When that’s the case, you can now connect to your database through an SSH tunnel. When adding a new connection, use the new “Advanced Options” sub-menu to enter your SSH […]

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