Copy SQL Results. Release Notes – 2021.1.0

The January 2021 release adds the ability to copy results from your SQL queries. Rather than just adding basic copy or export to file functionality, I’ve made copying various results as simple as using a spreadsheet. See below for more details.

I’ve also finally addressed performance issues for large databases. It only required rewriting the entire diagramming engine! 😅 More details on that below as well.

Thanks to everyone for your feedback and feature requests!

Download the latest version of modelDBA here. This release includes the following upgrades.


Copy SQL Results

Previously, there was no way to copy or export results from a SQL query. I’ve tried to make copying result data as easy as working with data in a spreadsheet. Select one or more cells or columns. Use Shift, Cmd/Ctrl, or drag to select any combination of results. Then when you copy your selection modelDBA will gracefully create a tab-separated values export (thanks Nikita for the feature request!).

A demo of the new copy functionality for SQL results in modelDBA.

Performance Enhancements

Last release I mentioned I had identified the cause of some performance issues. I’m happy to report that I’ve fixed those issues with significant results. I was (unintentionally) re-rendering the entire database diagram every time you interacted with it. This works fine on most computers when you have a couple dozen tables, but completely froze the app when you have more than a hundred tables.

For this release I completely re-wrote the way that databases are diagrammed so you can interact with large databases smoothly. Not only that, but according to my benchmarks large databases load 2.5x faster! You should see a more responsive database diagram even if you’re working with small databases (thank you again to Phil and Roman for the issue report!).


SQL Result Statuses

I’ve added status indicator icons to each result tab. This way you know if your query is still running, failed, completed or paused at a glance. Results are loaded 100 rows at a time before being automatically paused. Scroll down in the results to load the next batch of rows or use the new option in the right-click menu.

See the status of your queries at a glance with the new status icons on query result tabs.

Diagram Fixes and Enhancements

As part of the database diagram re-write, I fixed a bunch of smaller bugs when it comes to displaying the database diagrams:

  • Query diagram position and zoom levels are now maintained when the SQL query changes.
  • All tables are sorted in the side menu (even if the tables belong to different schemas).
  • Tables are now styled as edited or staged correctly when their schema has changed.
  • Tables are correctly resized in the diagram as their names or column names get larger.
  • Added columns that are edited but not staged now render in the diagram correctly.
  • Brand new tables that have not yet been staged are now displayed in the database diagram.
  • Improved styling when selecting a table name from the autocomplete list to better show that it is the table name being highlighted.
  • SQL editor visualizations now work with tables that have uppercase characters.
  • Only tables that are in the database are now shown in SQL editor visualizations (you can’t query from a table that hasn’t been committed to the database yet!).

Do you have a feature request for modelDBA? Found a bug 😬? Let me know at [email protected]. Your feedback makes modelDBA better for everyone.

You can get the latest version of modelDBA here. Or, just open up modelDBA on your machine and you’ll be prompted to upgrade.

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