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Visualize SQL queries as you type.

No-code table editor.


Database superpowers.

Free for personal use. Free trial for everyone else.

Understand your database at a glance

Seeing is believing. Interact with an always up-to-date database diagram to understand your table structures​​.


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Implement changes in seconds

Changing your database made easy. Add, drop, alter, it's all a simple click away.


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Mock up changes with ease

Unsure of how to implement a change? Try out multiple options. When you've found one everyone is happy with, apply it to the database with one click.​

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Be in control of your changes​


Changes are staged before being applied to the database, so you can be confident that changes are only implemented when you want them to be.


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Supported Databases

Remember the last time you broke production?

We don't like to think about it either.
With distinct environments and additional warnings, you will always know when you're applying changes to production.

No more syntax errors

Adding a column should be simple, but remembering all the configuration options isn't. modelDBA highlights the most important options clearly, and keeps all the clutter away.







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Spend less time writing SQL, more time getting s#!* done.

Free for personal use. Free trial for everyone else.

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