Database Diagram Viewer

The interactive database diagram viewer.

The best way to understand a database is using a database diagram. Full stop. No list of tables and columns provide the same density of information. When you’re modelling a database or testing out changes, you need to understand how each table will interact with one another. Relational databases are all about relationships. Diagrams show you that, lists don’t.

With modelDBA, the first thing you see when you select a database is the database diagram. You can quickly see all of your tables, key column information, and the relationships between tables. Explore your database by dragging your diagram around. Like Google Maps, but for your database.

Want to investigate a specific table? Double-clicking a table will open up a detailed table description, along with the capability to edit it.

Have multiple databases or schemas? No problem. Easily switch between them using the drop-down menu in the app.

The database diagram will also show you mocked up changes before they’re applied to the database. You can try out different table structures and see how they interact with the other tables in your diagram. Learn more about mocking up changes here.

You’re still printing out diagrams?

Sometimes nothing beats the birds-eye view you get from printing out a wall-sized diagram of a giant database. But how often do you keep them up to date? If you’re like most of us, the one hanging on your wall is a few releases out of date.

In modelDBA, changes you make will automatically be updated in the diagram. You never have to worry about whether the diagram you’re looking at is out of date or not, and the new person won’t be confused when they try to implement their first change.

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