A Note on the Future of modelDBA

It has been nearly two years since the latest version of modelDBA was released. I’d like to make it official: modelDBA is on an indefinite hiatus (probably forever).

The latest version of modelDBA can still be downloaded and installed, and I plan to keep this site up for the foreseeable future. However, no updates or support will be provided. I expect that the application will keep working, but there are no guarantees.

A Personal Note

modelDBA has been a really fun project for me. I’m glad it has been interesting enough for around a thousand of you out there to give it a try. At internet scale, that’s not a lot of people, but on an individual level I’m thankful to all of you.

Ultimately, getting modelDBA to the level of maturity and performance required to sell into enterprises was too steep a hill to climb. I found myself in the tough situation of every indie maker out there, trying to put in a full workday on the project after completing my regular day job. As always, that arrangement isn’t sustainable and I didn’t see a viable path to transitioning to modelDBA full-time for a very long time.

I’ll keep hacking away at side projects, and maybe a few of you will give those a chance as well.

Until then,


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