Data model to database implementation in seconds

Data modelling is key to the long term success of your database. You need to be able to create a data model that is scalable and meets your database storage needs. Not only that, you need your team to accept and agree with your data model. This means mocking up potential options, showing them to others, and once everyone’s happy, applying them to the database.

modelDBA gives you the ability to do that quickly and efficiently. You can easily mock up data models based on an existing database or from scratch. You have full control over adding tables or removing existing ones. Columns can be changed on the fly. All changes that you’ve made are then highlighted on an interactive database diagram.

Mock up a table change in a few simple clicks. Add, drop, or alter any column in any table.

You can try out multiple options and view them together on the same database diagram. Once you’ve compared and contrasted the different options, you can apply the chosen design directly to the database in a single click. If not, you can just as easily cancel the change and have the change reverted.

Saved changes are marked as pending in modelDBA. Once you’ve settled on a change, apply it to your database in one click.

You should be focussing your energy on coming up with the best data model and design to meet the needs of your clients and stakeholders. You shouldn’t have to worry about scripting the change, or going back and forth on revisions. modelDBA provides you with the an easy all-in-one tool to get your job done painlessly.

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