Saved Connection Bug Fix. Release Notes – 2020.11.1

Just a quick release for an embarrassing bug 😳 . If you’ve opened modelDBA, only to find that you need to re-add your connections, this is the release for you. Connections without a password were not saving correctly. This has now been fixed in the latest version.

This release is not being pushed out automatically in modelDBA, so you’ll need to download the new version at the link below. Alternatively, the fix will be pushed out with the December major release.

Download the latest version of modelDBA here. This release includes the following upgrades.


  • Fixed a bug where connections would not be saved if the connection did not have a password. Sorry to all those who experienced this. A big thank you to Bruce for helping debug this!

Do you have a feature request for modelDBA? Found a bug 😬 ? Let me know at [email protected]. Your feedback makes modelDBA better for everyone.

You can get the latest version of modelDBA here.

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