Google Maps for Databases – Release Notes – 2021.3.0

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the first time I used Google Maps. I was blown away by what it could do. When I typed in a location, it showed it to me immediately. Being able to flick around and explore the map was revolutionary. This was way better than MapQuest.

I don’t think it’s a surprise that I’ve tried to bring the same sensibility to modelDBA. You should easily see all relevant database info while you work. This month’s release I’ve added a handful of new features to make modelDBA a little bit more Google Maps-like (and hopefully a lot more enjoyable for everyone).

Download the latest version of modelDBA here. This release includes the following upgrades.


Show Table in Diagram

When you’re looking for a table in a large database diagram, it can be a bit of a hassle finding it. Especially if you’re new to the database. Now you can instantly find your table by right-clicking on it in the “All Tables” list and clicking “Show in Database Diagram”.

Right-click on a table name and click “Show in Database Diagram” to quickly locate a table.

Improved Query Diagrams

If you were looking for the table you need in the query diagram, it could be difficult to find in a large database. Unless you have a huge monitor, you can’t see the whole database diagram at once. In the latest version of modelDBA, when you select a table (or column) in the autocompletion list, the query diagram will automatically reposition to show you the table.

I’ve also made a couple performance improvements when you work with a lot of queries at once:

  • Only the top 20 autocomplete suggested tables are shown in the query diagram. This prevents lag when there are lots of tables that could be a match.
  • Only re-draw the query diagram that is currently visible
Always see the table or column you have selected in the autocomplete list.

Diagram Inertia

After over a decade and a half of using Google Maps, I’ve been trained to expect that flicking and swiping at a map or diagram will result in it continuing to move after I let go of the mouse button. So I’ve always felt like things were a bit stilted when moving the database diagram. It would immediately stop in place. Moving a long distance across the diagram could be a slog. No longer! Database and query diagrams can now be flicked around, just like in Google Maps. Hopefully it makes your modelDBA experience a bit more fun 🥳.

Flick or swipe the database diagram to move around quickly.


  • Added ability to view registration details. Available using the Registration option in the Help menu.
  • Added ability to register a business license key after the initial setup (also in the Registration option in the Help menu).
  • Improved notifications for expired trials.
  • Fixed bug where discarding a staged change failed in some cases.
  • Fixed bug where the Table list in the collapsed navigation menu could not be closed the first time modelDBA was run.
  • Improved SQL parsing engine.
    • Speed improvements for T-SQL.
    • T-SQL JOIN…WHERE syntax is now correctly shown as invalid.

Do you have a feature request for modelDBA? Found a bug 😬? Let me know at [email protected]. Your feedback makes modelDBA better for everyone.

You can get the latest version of modelDBA here. Or, just open up modelDBA on your machine and you’ll be prompted to upgrade.

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