Linux Support – Release Notes – 2021.2.0

The February 2021 release includes support for Linux! This has been one of the most popular requests and I’m happy to finally have a solution for Linux users! More details below.

Thanks to everyone for your feedback and feature requests!

Download the latest version of modelDBA here. This release includes the following upgrades.


Linux Support

modelDBA is now available on Linux via an AppImage for x86 systems. If you’d like to see your favourite database IDE in another Linux package format, please reach out and let me know! (modelDBA is your favourite… right? 🤔)

Thank you to Stephen, Losiu, and Pedro for requesting Linux support.

modelDBA has arrived on Linux.

Preview SQL for Staged Changes

When you stage a change to your database, you’re putting your trust in modelDBA to run the correct SQL and implement the change without issue. Until now, that trust was like blind faith. You had no idea what SQL modelDBA would run.

This version adds the ability to preview the SQL that will run for the change. You’ll be able to double-check what modelDBA plans to do, and hopefully you’ll feel a bit more confident when applying changes! modelDBA always checks the state of your database before applying a change, so it will automatically update the SQL if another change is applied that impacts it (i.e. if you have a change to a column staged, and you rename the table in a separate change, modelDBA will track this and update the SQL for the column change accordingly).

Preview SQL before applying changes to your database.


Database Diagram Bug Fixes

It turns out when you re-write a major component that’s difficult to automatically test, you should expect some bugs! After the complete re-write of the database diagramming engine last release, there were a few minor bugs to fix for this one:

  • Fix bug where right-clicking on the database diagram locks it in place.
  • Fix bug where some composite primary key columns did not have the correct background colour.
  • The background colour on edited and staged tables now displays correctly when hovering over the table (1 pixel makes all the difference!).

Also in this release:

  • Users can now scroll to view more staged changes when the changes can’t be displayed on a single screen.

Do you have a feature request for modelDBA? Found a bug 😬? Let me know at [email protected]. Your feedback makes modelDBA better for everyone.

You can get the latest version of modelDBA here. Or, just open up modelDBA on your machine and you’ll be prompted to upgrade.

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