Release Notes – 2020.10.2

Sometimes, you can’t connect directly to your database. Maybe for security your database is running on a server that doesn’t listen directly to external requests. When that’s the case, you can now connect to your database through an SSH tunnel. When adding a new connection, use the new “Advanced Options” sub-menu to enter your SSH credentials. Then modelDBA will connect to your database as if you were logged on to the SSH host.

Download the latest version of modelDBA here. This release includes the following upgrades.


  • Connect to your database via an SSH tunnel
    • Authenticate using a password or SSH key file


  • Added polish to some UI/UX components
    • Improved resizing of dialogs
    • Removed irrelevant Back button on the main tutorial page
    • Fixed display issue when available connections/databases overflowed off the screen
    • Improved table menu styling when no database is selected

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