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Database Changes You Control

With great power comes great responsibility. That’s why modelDBA takes the responsible approach by only applying changes to your database when you want it to. Unlike other database tools, modelDBA doesn’t generate SQL scripts and leave it up to you to apply them to the database. modelDBA handles all SQL queries in the background, letting […]

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Change your Database in a Click

With modelDBA, you can easily make the changes you need to the database directly using the user interface. modelDBA can handle all the changes you’d expect. Add, rename or drop tables. Add, alter or drop columns and constraints. You don’t need to worry about the SQL required, it’s all taken care of for. That time […]

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Database Diagram Viewer

The best way to understand a database is using a database diagram. Full stop. No list of tables and columns provide the same density of information. When you’re modelling a database or testing out changes, you need to understand how each table will interact with one another. Relational databases are all about relationships. Diagrams show […]

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