Open Source Tools

We believe in giving back to the community. While developing modelDBA, there were some missing pieces. Software libraries that we thought would already be out there, but weren’t. We’ve open sourced these tools to make it easier for our fellow developers to build their own projects.


We happily accept contributions from the community.

SQL Surveyor

TypeScript – npm module

SQL Surveyor is a zero configuration, high-level SQL parser. Existing parsers are low-level, giving you parse trees instead of easy access to query details. So we built a high-level parser that handles all the parse tree analysis and provides you with an easy to consume object representing your query. Identify tables, columns, aliases and more in your SQL script in one easy to consume object.


Supports MySQL, T-SQL (SQL Server), PL/pgSQL (PostgreSQL) and PL/SQL (Oracle) dialects.

SQL Autocomplete

TypeScript – npm module 

Generate valid autocomplete suggestions for keywords, tables, or columns.


Supports MySQL, T-SQL (SQL Server), PL/pgSQL (PostgreSQL) and PL/SQL (Oracle) dialects.


TypeScript – npm module 

Pre-built SQL grammars that you can import and “just use”. No configuration necessary.


– Get parsers, lexers and parse-trees with a single method call.
– Determine if an arbitrary SQL script is syntactically correct.
– Identify the types of keywords used in the queries.


Supports MySQL, T-SQL (SQL Server), PL/pgSQL (PostgreSQL), PL/SQL (Oracle) dialects.

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