Generate valid autocomplete suggestions for keywords, tables, or columns.

Supports MySQL, T-SQL (SQL Server), PL/pgSQL (PostgreSQL) and PL/SQL (Oracle) dialects.


npm install sql-autocomplete

Get Started

import { SQLAutocomplete, SQLDialect } from 'sql-autocomplete';

const sqlAutocomplete = new SQLAutocomplete(SQLDialect.MYSQL);
const sql1 = 'SELECT * FR';
const options1 = sqlAutocomplete.autocomplete(sql1);

// [ AutocompleteOption { value: 'FROM', optionType: 'KEYWORD' } ]

const sqlAutocompleteWithNames = new SQLAutocomplete(SQLDialect.MYSQL, 
                                                        ['myDatabaseTableName'], // Optional
                                                        ['aColumnName']          // Optional
const sql2 = 'SELECT * FROM myDatabaseTableNa';
const options2 = sqlAutocompleteWithNames.autocomplete(sql2);

// [ AutocompleteOption { value: 'myDatabaseTableName', optionType: 'TABLE' } ]

Created By

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sql-autocomplete is a project created and maintained by modelDBA, a database IDE for modern developers. modelDBA lets you visualize SQL as you type and edit tables easily with a no-code table editor.


Full API documentation.

Private API

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