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SQL Server Architecture Differences

One thing about building a database IDE is that you need to deal with understand all of the quirks and inconsistencies between different database management systems (DBMS). After adding support for Microsoft SQL Server to modelDBA, I’ve learned a few things that distinguish SQL Server from MySQL. If you’re switching from a different DBMS, you […]

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Best Practices for Database Design

Database design is a complex topic, and this guide assumes you already have some familiarity with databases, or have an existing database to work with. Below we discuss database best practices. Some of them may seem blatantly obvious to you. If so, that’s a great! For others, you may be hearing about these for the […]

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Database Tools: Get the most out of your database

There are tons of tools out there to help make your life easier when working with databases. The most difficult part is figuring out which types of database tools you actually need. We’ll cover the largest tool categories below, starting with tools for the least sophisticated organizations and moving up to those for the most […]

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