Release Notes – 2020.7.0

It’s safe to say that this is the biggest release of modelDBA ever. I’ve completely reimagined and re-engineered the interface to make it even easier than ever to manage your databases.

Download the latest version of modelDBA here. This release includes the following upgrades.


The new modelDBA database diagram screen!
  • A brand new side navigation bar provides quick and easy access to all parts of the application.
  • Instead of selecting which schema you would like to view, all schemas are loaded at once, so you can get a full picture of your database.
  • A new status bar shows you key information about the database you’re connected to, so you’re never lost (you can also reload your database at any time from here!)
  • You can now edit multiple tables at once, and easily switch between them using the new table list.
  • Tutorials have been improved. Instead of slowly trying to walk through the steps yourself, you can helpfully reference them at any time. Check them out from the Help menu!
Improved connection management screen to let you easily identify and add database connections.
  • A new and improved connection management screen lets you see all your different database connections at a glance, and reload a connection at any time.
  • The database diagram now better reflects when you’ve dropped or edited a column or table.


Improved colour scheme for differentiating production and development databases.
  • Cleaned up naming to make it more clear that changes to tables are “Staged” and not immediately applied to the database when they are edited.
  • Staged changes are now always grouped by table (instead of applying changes to individual columns)
  • Improved colour scheme for differentiating between Development and Production databases.
  • Added a database loading screen for a more responsive feel.
  • When you restart modelDBA, the last database you used will automatically be loaded (if it’s available).
  • Added the ability to download updates on your schedule, instead of automatically when one is available. (Also, fixed bug where trying to check for updates multiple times would cause the update to fail).
  • Improved highlighting on the table editor. All checkboxes and fields correctly highlight to show when you’ve edited something. Also, pending changes that you have staged are now highlighted in purple on the table editor.
  • The Preview Data tab on the table editor now shows you the query that was run, and displays NULL values.
  • Added more warning/confirmation dialogs. This makes it much less likely for you to accidentally apply or undo something you didn’t mean to do.
  • Much improved support for macOS, including proper keyboard shortcuts and a toolbar menu that better matches typical macOS apps.
  • Performance improvements for loading large databases in the database diagram.
  • A lot more small bug fixes! 🙂

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