Release Notes – 2020.4.0

Download the latest version of modelDBA here. This release includes the following features:


  • Preview data from the tables in your database. A new tab has been added to the table view. Up to 100 rows of data will be displayed.
  • Fixed issues when making changes to tables that had not yet been applied to the database.


  • Improved UX and styling: Icons that are clickable now respond to the mouse cursor. Added additional borders and background shading to more clearly identify different sections of the app.
  • Added a warning dialog when discarding unsaved changes to a table.
  • Fixed visual display when a table name is edited.
  • Shortened the introductory tutorial by removing unnecessary steps.
  • Fixed bug where creating multiple tables before applying them would only apply the last table.
  • Fixed bug where connections could be added to the wrong environment if the environment was changed after validation.
  • Fixed bug where the application did not properly resize vertically when resizing the window.
  • Fixed handling of foreign keys on a table when altering an autoincrement column that is not referenced in those foreign keys on SQL Server (yes… this is a bit of an edge case).

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