Release Notes – 2020.1.1

Download the latest version of modelDBA here. This release includes the following features:


  • You can now apply actions in any order, and even if the database was changed outside modelDBA! This also fixes a number of issues applying changes after you have renamed columns/tables.


  • Display a message when no tables exist in the selected schema instead of a blank screen.
  • Fix bug where you could not always drag/move large database diagrams.
  • Fix bug where database diagrams could be dragged off the screen.
  • Fix bug where databases with tables with foreign keys outside of the current schema would not load. (Note: not all actions on columns referenced by these foreign keys will succeed. To be fixed in a future update).
  • Fix bug where modelDBA attempted to load indexes for the entire SQL Server database, instead of just the current schema (prevent the database diagram from displaying in some cases).

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