Release Notes – 2019.9.1

This is the first public beta release of modelDBA. A new, modern database IDE. Download the latest version of modelDBA here. This release includes the following features:

  • DBMS support added for MySQL versions 5.7 and 8.
    • modelDBA should be compatible with older versions of MySQL, but they have not been tested.
  • Database viewer and editor: View an interactive database diagram. Double-click on tables in your database to view detailed information and make changes.
  • Database actions
    • Create, rename or drop tables
    • Add, alter or drop columns
      • Change the column name, add and remove columns from a primary key, change column type, set nullability, set a default value, change precision, total number of digits, and more.
    • Automatically alter related columns to match your column change
      • If the column you are editing is referenced in other tables (i.e. it is used in a foreign key), then changes to the column will be automatically propagated to those columns.
    • Automatically drop constraints on a table or column
      • If the column or table you are editing is referenced in other tables, modelDBA will provide the option of automatically dropping the constraints and for columns, automatically drop the related columns as well.
  • Actions are automatically reflected in the database viewer diagram, but are not persisted to the database until you choose to apply them.
  • Production and development environments, allowing you to assign connections to the different environments will result in a different user interface.
  • Ability to add and validate connections.

Check out Why I Built modelDBA, the database IDE I needed for more information.

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